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Baker's Choice Treat Boxes


January Treats


January & February Sold Out! 

Order by 3/6 for March Boxes!

The Fine Print: You will receive a box with 2 servings of each of a curated variety of treats (i.e. a box may contain a combination of sugar cookies, blondies, truffles, and brownies, with enough of each to serve 2); Upgraded Boxes available; Boxes will be delivered during the third week of the month - specific date not guaranteed.


February Treats


imagine Cake Studio is pleased to announce our newest offering - a monthly treat box! 

Each month, our bakers will be given carte blanche to come up with a collection of tasty treats to provide - you never know what may be inside, but each month is sure to delight with a combination of cookies, bars, brownies, and other samplings of our culinary creativity!  As an added bonus, boxes can be shipped across the country!  Order today!  

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