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Tasting Boxes

During the COVID quarantine, we sought a way to provide tastings to customers that would ensure safety, while still bringing a full ICS tasting experience. Out of this challenge came our tasting boxes.

Reserved for customers who are working on an order, but are unsure of the flavor profiles they would like, your tasting box will come ready to serve 2, and includes your choice of 4 flavors of cake/sponge, 4 fillings, and 4 frostings, which will be combined by Chef Ron in a multitude of combinations. You can also opt for a "Chef's Choice" box, where he will allow his creative juices to flow (guided by your stated preferences - such as a love or hate of chocolate - or allergy considerations) and curate a variety of flavor profiles sure to delight!

The cost of these boxes is $45, including delivery in the immediate DC area.  Additional servings can be added at $15 per person.  Tasting boxes are available for delivery on Tuesdays or Wednesdays only. With your tasting box you will receive a tasting chart (sample below) to help guide you in your decision making process.

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